Marketing & Planning

Every day around the world thousand of ideas are born but only the tiniest fraction will achieve some level of success. Only few of those will get some level of success. Let us help your to be one of them.

  • Choose to market on the right platforms

    Marketing on every social platform is not a right strategy. The users of one behave differently than others.

  • Mass communication?

    Mass emails or sms are not the correct approach to reach your potential customers, Let us show you how to effectively engage with your audience.

  • Ads & Content

    Creating a post in a social network and promoting it does not guarantee your success. Content is king. Let us show you how to develop material that will attract some eyes.

Consultancy & Management

In business, marketing and project development are not the only games in town. Learn to manage your sales.

  • Sales & Inventory

    Selling is very important but just as important is processing post-sale support and user feedback, positive and negative. Do you handle your stock properly?

  • Costs & Taxes

    Many businesses fail because they have not estimated their prices correctly, even ignoring taxes. Let us help you to establish the right prices for your products.

  • Decision-making

    Managing a business is about absorbing all the data and making informed decisions. A focus strictly on sales will keep you from seeing the whole picture of your business. Let us help you.

Web & App Development

We work with industry leading technologies, including: Android, iOS, Javascript, PHP, Python amongst others.

  • CMS’s are often a good start

    We are experts using Wordpress, Joomla and custom CMS’s. We can advise on which to select and design with what you are most comfortable with.

  • Mobile is now

    We all know that more and more users are consuming content on mobile devices and not desktops. Having the right focus from the beginning will help you hit your target market.

  • Scalability

    You have to develop a solution which is ready to grow with you. Let us help you to choose the right tools for your project.

Graphic Design

Everything is first judged by how it looks. A great project will have a beautiful form as well as function.

  • Minimalist design

    We can help you identify design trends but be sure that you end up with the right fit for your business. Let us help you choose the right design and structure for your project.

  • Structure Flow

    Rigidly placed images and content will not lead to a successful design. A creative and organic layout will create the best user experiences. Lets work together to get it right for your project.

  • Sketch your idea

    Sometimes is very difficult to start writing content without seeing a layout where the content will go. Sketches or prototypes are a great way to start. Let us help you visualize and transform your ideas into projects.

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